Shatter front line and level the match, Tottenham!

Tottenham vs Juventus Champions League news
(Tottenham vs Juventus Champions League news)

The Tottenham team levelled the tournament in the 16th round of 2 nd league yesterday in the Champions League match.

Juventus and Tottenham teams clashed in the match yesterday.

At the start of the match, the Juventus team was scored two goals quickly and shocked the Tottenham Higuaín of the Juventus team scored a goal in the 2nd minute and converted he into a in the 9th minute.

Later, the Tottenham team struggled, scoring their first goal in the 35th minute, and ended the first half 2-1 In the second half of the match Tottenham team, with Erikson scored in the 71st minute.

And Juventus team failed to score in the second half Thus Tottenham leveled the match.

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