Tottenham wins in 5th round of FA Cup

Tottenham vs Newport County FA Cup 5th Round
(Tottenham vs Newport County FA Cup 5th Round)

Tottenham Hotspur team has won in the 5th round of the FA Cup tournament.
At midnight tonight, the Tottenham team encountered the Newport County team at the Wembley Stadium in England.

The start of the tournament was bad for Newport County. When Newport’s player Buttler tried to prevent the ball unfortunately the ball touched his leg and entered into their own goal.

This made Tottenham lead 1-0 then In the 34th minute of the match, Tottenham’s team Lemala hit a goal and lifted the team to victory score to 2-0.

Tottenham made a 2-0 win and qualified for the nest round, as the two teams failed to score in the second half.

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