Federer Aims to Topple Rafael Nadal from Number One Spot in Rotterdam

Federer Aims Topple Rafael Nadal Number One Spot
(Federer Aims Topple Rafael Nadal Number One Spot)

Switzerland’s leading tennis player Roger Federer has announced that he will be participating in the next week’s AMN AMRO World Tennis Tournament.

The AMRO World Tennis Series will begin on 12th of in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Federer, who plays in the series, has been hoping to reach the top spot in tennis rankings.

Spain’s Rafael Nadal retained the top ranking. He has 155 points more than Federer.

In this situation if Federer qualifies for the semi-finals of the AMRO World Tennis Series he will get 180 points. So he is likely to get to number one position.

If Federer progresses to the semi-finals and holds the top spot in the rating, he will be the aged top player in the tennis tournament.

Earlier, American Enrique Agassi was the top player, at the age of 33-, achieved in 131-days is the recorded achievement in tennis history.

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