“Ready to play on the Mexico Open”: Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal
(Rafael Nadal Mexican Open  news)

Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal will take part in the Mexico Open Tennis Tournament to be held this month.

Nadal advanced to the quarter-finals of the Australian Open tennis tournament last month step down due to thigh injuries.

As such there was a doubt will he participate in the Mexican Open?

Nadal has now confirmed playing at the Mexican Open. However, Nadal said he did not reach a hundred percent fitness and could return in half way of the series.

Meanwhile, he is also expected to attend Nalayal in the Indian Wales and Miami Open in next month.

Nadal, who has been ranked the top of the ranking, is required to win the Mexican Open to his place. If Nadal fails, Federer will be able to take the first place winning in the Dubai Open.

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