The BCCI website blocked for several hours : for non-payment

India Cricket Board website Expire news
(India Cricket Board website Expire news)

The Indian Cricket Control Board (BCCI), the world's richest cricket board, it’s web site and Tv has been suspended for several hours due to non-renewal of the license.

The BCCI has suspended former IPL chief LalitModie in 2010, but still is the name of BCCI website and TV are in his name. And as he didn’t pay the liquesce renewal fees it was blocked.

Former IPL chief Lalit Modi has been accused of involvement in financial irregularities and the BCCI general committee has removed him from office in 2010. Lalit Modi is currently living in London. But he was selected in Rajasthan State Cricket Association. Thus, the BCCI is finding difficult in remove him.

Indian team won the U-19 World Cup last Saturday, everybody expected that BCCI broad cast more information about that, but they were disappointed when came to know that the websit and TV were blocked due to nonpayment of fees.

When inquired from "The BCCI they revealed that it still in the name of Laloth Moddi although he has been removed. The website's renewal period falls in one years’ time, but disabled for not paying in time. The website is still under the control of Lalit Modi. The BCCI officials then contacted Lalit Mod’s officers and informed position, after that they paid and renewed.

A BCCI official, who does not want to his name published said, Lalit Modi bought this site from and in 2006. The site is still operating under his name. Though BCCI removed hin, we could not recover the website from him.

When we filed a case in Mumbai High Court to recove the site cout ruled that the Web site is belong to Modi If we strt anew web site, LalitModie has already bought 100 sites under BCCI names and almost all the names of BCCI,. So we do not have any chance of starting a new BCC in the name of BCCI. He said

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