Harrison and Alex De Minar compete the Brisbane Open Semi final!

Brisbane open Semi finals news
(Brisbane open Semi finals news)

American Ryan Harrison and Alex De Minaur of Australia have qualified for the Semifinals of the men’s singles tennis tournament.

In the quarter-finals of the Brisbane Open Tennis Championship in Harrison faced Denis Istomin, a veteran of Uzbekistan.

The first set of the competition was very exciting. At the end of the first set, the match was equal to 7-6. This resulted in a tie-breaker.

Harrison, who played well in the tie breaker, won scoring 8-6. In the second set that started, Harrison led the score 4-0, and Istomin was forced to leave due to pain . Hence the win was awarded to Harrison.

In the other quarter final, Alex De Minaur, who faced Michael Mmoh of America, won the match 2-1.

Alex De Minaur trailed 1-6 the first set, the next two sets scored 6-3 and 6-4 to advance to the semifinals.

Accordingly, Alex De Minaur and Ryan Harrison will compete in the semi-finals.

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