Para-athlete does not want to be known as ‘Blade Babe’

Para-athlete Sophie Kamlish news today
(Para-athlete Sophie Kamlish news today)

Sophie Kamlish, a global para-athlete in Britain, has asked public not to call her “Blade Babe” in the future.

On birth her one leg was little shorter as such she was wearing an artificial prosthetic blade from the Age of 7, and she is now 21-year- old woman.

Similarly, a three-time Barca Olympic champion winner Marlovu Vene Rihinjen is participating with the prosthetic Blade she is also known as ”Blade Babe”

However, Shobby Kamlish has commented on calling herself “Blade Babe”

I do not think it is insult to me, to call “Blade Babe”. But I’m not proud of it also. But Calling me so I feel a bit uncomfortable. So I do not want to be called “Blade Babe”

In the mean time I came to know that, no male athlete been called like this who are participate with the paragraphs. Only women called like this . So I do not want to be called like this,” she said.

Shobby Kamlesh has won the championship with a record in the T44 event at the World para Championships held in London this July.

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