PV Sindhu has comment on the new serve law!!!

Pv sindhu news Tamil sports news today

(Pv sindhu news Tamil sports news today)

The International Badminton Federation had introduced a new serve rule in order to make changes in the badminton competitions.

“The whole of the shuttle will be below 1.15 m from the surface of the court at the instant of being hit by the server’s racket”, is according to the new rule.

The International Badminton Federation is expecting to introduce this
regulation in the England Open championship which will be scheduled to next year.

The Olympic silver medalist PV Sindhu had commented on the introduction for the England Open Badminton series.

She said, “This rule may have introduced in another series. The England Open Badminton series is important for every player. So, this initiative may have taken in a different tournament.

However, I have no problem at all. If I practice, I can fix it.”, she said.

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