Dialog Rugby League : Kandy Sports Club a great victory!

Kandy Sports Club beat Army Sports Club news
(Kandy Sports Club beat Army Sports Club news)

In the Dialog Rugby League tournament, the Kandy Sports Club scored 58-13 points against the Army Sports club.

The match was held at the Kandy Sports Club ground . between the Army and Kandy teams.

The Kandy team, which is in the forefront of the league matches, without any loss , faced the game with full confidence.

From the start, the Kandy team, which was strong has been dominated game in the first round, pushed back the Army team. The Kandy team is dominated the first half scoring 34-06 points.

The Kandy team, which kept their upper hand in the second half, continued to score more points. However, the military team could only get fewer points.

At the end of the match, the Kandy C Sports Club won the match scoring 58-13 points.

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