“Whatever challenges come, I will bring glory to Mother land” : Proud Lucian Pusparaj

Lucian Pusparaj Asian Commencement championship news
(Lucian Pusparaj Asian Commencement championship news)

Lucian Pusparaj, who represented Sri Lanka, won first place in the Mr Asian championship in South Korea.

He was offered an opportunity to represent Sri Lanka at the “Mister and Miss Atlas” competition to be held in the US on December 25.

Speaking about participating in the tournament, Lewis Pusparaj said, “I will win Mister Atlas and bring honor to my mother land.

At the same time, he has speak out about the discrimination shown by the Sri Lanka Physical Council. He said that they worked to prevent me from going to the US Atlas tournament, and he was denied US visa.

Lucian also said that his sponsors had worked hard to get his visa again.

He also pointed out that “Global Body Build Federation”, which arranges the Mister and Miss Atlas competition, ask me questions from that only I came to know about what has happened.

They asked me, “Have you been banned in Sri Lanka? Many questions are asked, but talking and knowing about the ban, known only to this organization in Sri Lanka
So I’m confident that they are the trying to pull my leg now”

However now , Lucian has got the visa to go to the United States. So, he is thankful to his sponsor.

“I will definitely win this tournament, I believe 100% sure.

I will bring glory to my mother land again winning this competition” said Lucian Pusparaj.

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