UK Expel players misbehaved in Practice

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The England rugby team has traveled to Middlesex, West End of UK for a three-day training camp.

In the course of this training, the two men, Dujilaki and Denny Solanomo, who were allegedly involved in misbehavior in practices, violated the team’s culture and send home from training

The England rugby team official said the team had returned to their hotel after practice l last Sunday night while waited for dinner these two left the hotel and went somewhere and returned to a hotel It is noted, the team’s instructor Edi advised the players not to drink.

However, the above-mentioned players Duglagi and Denny Solanomo left second time returned following day morning after drinking alcohol

In the meantime, the team management has send these two players home for violating team discipline and drinking alcohol and misbehavior.

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